The Warung

The perfect combination of music and harmony, integration with nature and a special public may be the best explanation for the magic of Warung Beach Club. But as the magic is always there its mysteries, the best and leaving explanations aside and simply enjoy. A night at Warung is never equal to another. Therefore, all are special. Besides the name, theme decor and design have a strong connection with the islands of Indonesia. Warung is built facing the sea on the paradise beach Brava Itajai, one of the most detached from the coast of Santa Catarina. From the main balcony of the mezzanine, has a privileged view of the entire Brava Beach and neighboring Camboriú. Every year thousands of tourists and vacationers from around the country and from all corners of the world, find a haven in Praia Brava preserved, with clean sand and sea and the entire region heavily geared for tourism. Opened in November 2002, Warung Beach Club has emerged as a new and impressive choice of quality entertainment and recreation for Santa Catarina and all over southern Brazil. Soon also become a reference in the international arena. His concept involves: bars and baths and two dance floors, one outdoor and one principal with capacity for over 2000 people, with staterooms and lounges. With the proposed dedicated exclusively to electronic music, the club has a maximum capacity of 2,500 people per event. All the decoration and furniture are unique and chosen personally by the owners on a trip to the island of Bali. Chairs, tables, benches, sofas and pillows, chandeliers, sculptures in stone and wood filled two cargo containers. The Warung Beach Club did not take long to be considered the number one club concept in electronic music of Brazil. He won several awards and has been quoted in media reports around the world. Among the most recent citations, was elected in November 2005 by the most important magazine in the world, the English Mix Mag, among the three best clubs in the world. In early 2006, the British media again focus on Warung, the pages of the same and also the Mix Mag DJ Mag Two important praise for the club tore up magazines, extolling the beauty and power of the public who frequents the house, good vibrations the nature that surrounds the place and the sound of the club. In an area with an explicit entitled "Paradise Found" (Paradise Found), DJ Mag gives the verdict: "If your intention is to know the best clubs in the world, then the Warung is a must stop." In the same vein, the magazine Mixmag your story begins by declaring openly in the title: "Brazil is the new Ibiza!" (Brazil is the new Ibiza!). With a serious work, from attendance to the public until the careful choice of attractions, Warung gave the second half of 2006 a further step in its solid expansion concept. Make a party in Ibiza, to a Brazilian club, is already a luxury in itself. The Warung, however, went further: promoted between late August and early September for his first tour in Europe. Ibiza assault took commanding hour after most of the Spanish island cult, Circo Loco at DC-worshiped 10. After this fine start, also led his cast, crew and know-how for two more European charts in two other legendary venues: the Cocoon, millionaire club DJ Sven Vath and The End, another sacred ground of the international scene. Everywhere they went, the tour showed that the Brazilian way of doing ballad is more than up. In 2008 Warung made its U.S. debut. The first step was a party in Miami in March, during the week of the Winter Music Conference. Two months later, back to America, the House held two festivals, one in Las Vegas (Puff Club) and another in Los Angeles (at the Avalon Club). With such a clear expansion of borders, the following Warung Beach Club in the forefront among the best clubs in the world. Always keeping the same magic that explanations aside, it is only understood when you live in the house one night.


Surrounded by virgin Atlantic Forest, was born the Warung guided by concern for the environment. All the native vegetation of the land was preserved. The work occupies a small fraction of the land: only 3% of 62 000 m2 of total area. The entire structure was performed in wood and straw, with only the bathrooms and kitchen built with masonry. This feature shows the desire to minimize any environmental impact. Care are not there. The wastewater treatment also has been implemented that are not dumped debris or the sea, nor on the pond located near the ground. This treatment is accomplished through a system 100% natural, without the use of chlorine or other chemicals. Care is a club that values harmony with the planet.


Warung Beach Club

Av José Medeiros Vieira, 350
Praia Brava, Itajaí - SC,
Zip Code: 88306-800
Phone: (47) 3348-7643

Nearby Airports:
Florianópolis: approximately 1 hour by car
Navegantes: approximately 20 minutes by car