Wed 27.Jul.2016

A night with Timo Maas

We can’t deny that the next night will bring some emotions to the dance floor. On August the 6th, Warung will welcome Timo Maas who was at the club on its opening night! The Germain artist leaded the very first party at the Temple – that happened on November of 2002. Since then Maas has come just once.

Fourteen years later os his debut, he’s back to make history again! Maas returns with his music which remains relevant since he keeps mind in now and future, never looking back. Timo Maas is the right guy to have as an idol... Because he will never let you down! There’s no doubt that the night of August 6th will be important for both parts.

And we have a debutant at the line up! Let’s “see” what Jimmy Edgar is about to do for the first time at Warung Beach Club. From Detroit, but Berlin-based, Jimmy Edgar has a great musical experience. While a teenager he played drums, keyboards and saxophone. This skills and a lot of different influences made  possible to Edgar became a great DJ and producer – who has total control of he’s path in electronic scene.

Who’s also at the line up? The Brazilians Gabe, Flow & Zeo, Conti & Mandi e Edu Schwartz.


by Gabriela Lopes l PVAG