Sun 04.Dec.2016

Warung Store @ Warung Day Festival

The Warung Day Festival is almost here and to start the blog, Warung Store brought some tips and tricks about what to wear in any festival. After all, we are going to dance for a few hours and we cannot lose the style.

Curitiba is known to have the four seasons of the year in the same day! Trusting the weather forecast is never a good idea around here.

So get ready for sun, rain, heat and cold!

The Pedreira Paulo Leminski is a large and open space that already received many great events and awesome artists such as: Iron Maiden, Paul McCartney, Kiss and Katy Perry.

For the third consecutive year, The Temple comes to Curitiba for another edition of the acclaimed Warung Day Festival.

If you don’t know what to wear, don’t worry! We are here to give you some guidance! Here are some of the tips and tricks:

If you are staying in open areas, you better avoid high heels. Pedreira’s floor is covered by gravel and asphalt, that means that you have a high probability to twist your ankle or to spoil your precious shoe heel.

If you can’t go out without your high heels, then prefer thicker ones or platforms.

Keep in mind that boots are always a great option! They are short-barreled, medium or over the knee, allowing you to dance comfortably and if the rain decides to come down, your feet and legs will stay protected.

In the case you 100% know it will rain, it is worth betting on rain boots, but nothing prevents you from wearing sandals and tennis.

When choosing your clothing apparel, remember Curitiba’s crazy wheatear and do not hesitate to bring a cardigan! It is easy to be tied at the waist in the event it gets a bit warmer. During the day the temperature may reach 35 degrees Celsius, but the night might be way colder. Better be prepared!

Shorts, skirts and pants combined with a t-shirt with different prints, regattas or top are perfect for the occasion. If you prefer dresses, try not to wear a tight dress.

Thinking of headwear? Hats and turban tracks are really good choices. If you plan to hold little hair, clips would be the best option, but plaits and ponytails are also great ideas. In any event, always carry some hairclips in your pocket.

When choosing your purse, prefer shoulder strap models. Carry only  the necessary, such as mobile, document, cash, credit cards, sunscreen and lip balm.

Finally, complement your look with bracelets, necklaces and earrings and do not forget sunglasses, they might be your biggest ally when enjoying festivals that start during the day!

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We remind you that Temple’s exclusive products will be available for sale at Warung Day Festival!

We can’t wait to see you there!