Fri 01.Apr.2016

3 x Great Music

Summer continues as hot as it can at Warung! Making sure that you will dance through the following night, Temple brings three artists who need no presentation to its selected audience: Carl Craig, Lee Foss and Bushwacka!

We'll remind you some essential points of this guys, so that you will have no doubt about this unmissable night...

Craig is from Detroit, where he started his experimental music at the dancefloor. Since 1989 he’s been one of the most influent techno artists. Each night at the Temple is remarkable!

One of the men behind Hot Natured, Lee Foss is responsable for impact the underground house & techno scene. From Chicago to the world, Foss has experienced most of the nights around the globe, and then he took the best to build his sound.

Known from the duo with Layo, Matthew Benjamin AKA Bushwacka is a British DJ and producer who already changed the course of electronic music. Back in the late 80s Bushwacka was rocking the dancefloor with good music. At Warung he brings his unique, acclaimed and most experient music.

Dashdot, Aninha and Amanda Chang are also at the line up.


By Gabriela Lopes l PVAG