Mon 12.Oct.2015

GOODBYE 2015, HELLO 2016

Warung gets ready to say goodbye to 2015 with three dates, starting on December 26th. Then two more nights: 28 and 30 of December will close the year in a unique style. After these parties it’s time to say hello to 2016... The first night of the year happen on January 2nd! The question is: are you ready?

From Argentina, Barem is the headliner on December 26th! Always inspired by the Temple, he returns with the will to make a historical set. On December 28th Warung Beach Club will welcome another Argentine - and this is like a tradition! – Hernan Cattaneo takes the pick ups and leads the crowd through the night.

Making one of the most acclaimed moments of the year - since it is annual - Cattaneo always comes to the Temple before the year is over. Also at this night, Thyladomid makes his debut – finally. From Germany, Diynamic’s DJ and producer Charles Thiemann AKA Thyladomid will make an expected presentation.

The last party of 2015 brings one exponent of electronic music worldwide: Dubfire – who doesn’t need introduction! Loulou Players returns with his music, which has been praised alot by the Temple’s crowd. Because it’s a great night the American duo Tone of Arc arrives for the first time.

Already on 2016 Danny Daze and Hernan Herr are the headliners on January 2nd. Both are known on the dance floor of Warung, so we can’t expect nothing but a incredible beginning of year!

Please check the complete line up of each night below:
December 26th: Barem – Gabe – Aninha - Andre Marques – Gromma - Wilian Kraupp – Danee
December 28th: Hernan Cattaneo – Thyladomid – Leozinho – Boghosian - Conti&Mandi
December 30th: Dubfire - Tone of Arc - Loulou Players - Renato Ratier – Albuquerque- Fran Bortolossi
January 2nd: Danny Daze - Herr (Fact) - Leo Janeiro - Fabø - Ale Reis - Zopelar

by Gabriela Lopes l PVAG