Mon 28.Jan.2013

The Resident's Night next saturday (2feb)

Along the years they make their presence in all the events of the club, opening or ending the line up – they’ve got a special and peculiar knowledge of the public and of the Warung as just a few people do! It’s nothing but very fair that we dedicate to our residents a special night during the Summer.

They are among the best Brazilians’ DJs... Introducing our residents:
- Daniel Kuhnen: producer and presenter of the winning program Warung Waves at Radio Atlantida since 2006.
- Leozinho: the first resident of the club, he is known for his hability to conduct the pick ups and he made the e-music accessible and known for a lot of people.
- Leo Janeiro: while mixing, he is fan of introducing new elements in his music which makes everybody dance!
- Renato Ratier: he is an e-music lover and recently was considered the best DJ by the Cool Magazine Award.