Sat 11.Oct.2014

Long live the Temple

A day like none before... That’s what we can expect of next Saturday on Warung Beach Club. The day will turn into night and the night will become day! Opening at 6 p.m it will be possible to see the sunset and then make sure to see the sunrise.

More than twenty artists – ok it will be precisely 27 – including duos and DJs leading the pick ups in B2B. What to expect when guys like Sasha, Damian Lazarus, Sharam Jey, Paul Ritch, Maceo Plex and Tale of Us (just to name a few) are confirmed at the line up?

And it gets bigger when you know that this great and unique reunion it’s happening to celebrate the Temple. A Temple which has celebrated the music, the people and the nature for twelve years.

As a young child Warung Beach Club has its best to come, a long way were built up to this present, and we wait a great future.

Good music, good vibes. Long live Warung Beach Club!

Let’s celebrate from the sunset until the sun rises.

*Please, notice that it’s gonna be a huge party, so make sure you arrive early and avoid any kind of annoyance.

Check out the complete line up.:
Inside: 18:00 – Davis // 18:45 – Voldoker // 19:30 – Odd Parents // 20:30 – Fabo // 21:30 – Leo Janeiro B2B Leozinho // 22:30 – Fur Coat // 00:00 – Tale of Us // 02:00 – Paul Ritch (live) // 03:00 – Sasha // 05:00 – Maceo Plex
Garden: 18:00 – Stekke B2B Gui Thomé // 18:45 – Digitaria (live) // 19:30 – Conti & Mandy // 20:30 – Ricky Ryan // 21:30 – Sasse // 23:00 – Damian Lazarus // 01:00 – Sharam Jey // 03:00 – Renato Ratier // 05:00 – Jamie Jones

By Gabriela Lopes l Ponte Vedra AG