Tue 28.Oct.2014

Let’s celebrate! Warung Beach Club 12th Anniversary

It’s a tradition, since its grand opening – which happened twelve years ago – Warung Beach Club celebrated its birthday. Every year is a conquer and brings more nights and artists to write the story of the Temple.

Two parties, one celebration!

On 2014 it would not be different, so that you should be prepared to dance until the sunrise on two dates: 07 and 15 of November.

Starring the first party on November 7th: Richie Hawtin, Gaiser, Apollonia, Daniel Kuhnen, Albuquerque and Aninha. It will be the debut of the French trio Apollonia and also of Gaiser, from Germany. They have been expected for too long by the crowd who claims for their sound on the dancefloor. So, no more waiting! Richie Hawtin needs no introduction. Hugely acclaimed, the DJ and producer returns to make history – once again.

Tickets are avaiable for both nights:

By Gabriela Lopes l Ponte Vedra AG