Mon 06.Oct.2014

Holiday! The Temple welcomes Seth Troxler and Mano Le Tough

It’s time to think about the next night at the Temple. It’s gonna be on a holiday and the DJs are already set to kill at the dancefloor. These guys don’t need to be introduced, Mano Le Tough and Seth Troxler are coming back – to make it big, over again. Renato Ratier leads the Brazilian part of line up which includes Alex Justino, Albuquerque and Thiago Schlemper.

First, let’s talk – or remember – about Seth Troxler. This American DJ and producer started his career on Detroit in 2002. Since then he’s known as a gifted artist who gives to techno and house music a total different meaning. You just know at the dancefloor while listening to his music. The times he has been at Warung were at least memorable!

Now: Mano Le Tough. An Irish man who lives in Berlin since teenager. Of course he has grown up surrounded by the best of electronic music and its vanguard. And as “the baggage” makes all the difference, Le Tough could experince a lot of sounds during his life. At the pick ups, the DJ brings cool songs, folkal house and futurist.

At least but not last, Renato Ratier, as said so many times, is one of the most respectable Brazilian DJs of the present scene. He takes the music to a whole different level. This night also has Alex Justino, Albuquerque and Thiago Schlemper on the line up. Enjoy it!

By Gabriela Lopes l Ponte Vedra AG