Mon 19.May.2014


On May 30th Warung Beach Club will be taken by Tale of Us. This two guys who make one of the most acclaimed duo of the eletronic music returns to lead the pick ups at the Temple. On this same night, the German Gorge make his debut.

Carmine Conte (Karm) and Matteo Milleri first met on Italy where the two boys grown up. There they made up Tale of Us and since then they are working together. Now based on Berlin, the duo produces with a lot of experience. Their music are a mixture of new sounds and genres ranging from pop to house, nu/disco to rock and everything in between. No limits for creation, while at the pick ups Tale of Us arouses deep feelings on people who dance and enjoy this unique moment.

From Germany, Pit Waldmann aka Gorge debuts at Warung. DJ and producer for almost two decades, he made his first step into music as a piano player and drumer. On the 90’s the upcoming electronic dance music scene changed his status from musician to DJ. Gorge is know as an experient DJ who produces timeless deep house music as well as club friendly house tracks.

The line up of this night includes the Brazilians: Wehbba, Side_A and Danee.

By Lopes, Gabriela l Ponte Vedra AG