Tue 04.Feb.2014


Great names of the electronic music scene performing in a ravishing place surrounded by nature: these are the main features that have made Warung Beach Club such a unique place, considered by many the best club in the world. This combination between nature and music is the key for the club’s success; therefore it will be the guidance of its first festival ever, in the city of Curitiba.

The venue that will host Warung Day Festival is the magnificent Paulo Leminski quarry (named after a local poet), a traditional place for big events in Brazil, which has been shut down since 2009. The “Pedreira” has become widely known not only for the amazing shows it has received over the years, but also for being a very special place: the remaining rocks compose an impressive mosaic with the native vegetation and an artificial lake. No place in the world can take pride on having this view – a feature that resembles Warung somehow.

And if in Warung the sunrise is a truly magical moment, Warung Day Festival proposes a new way of celebrating the energy of the sun. The festival will start at 2PM on the 17th of May, so people can experience a festival during day time – something not that common in Brazil – and enjoy the amazing view of the “Pedreira”.

Amongst the DJ who will perform, there are the Savages (Warung’s residents), who represent Brazilian’s dance music finest: Renato Ratier, Leozinho, Aninha, Leo Janeiro, Ale Reis, Albuquerque, Fabo and Boghosian. The international guests are Dubfire, Hot Since 82, Ten Walls, Paul Ritch (live), Amine Edge & Dance and Sharam Jey. Local labels and parties will also present showcases as Warung’s special guests for this grand celebration of the electronic music culture.

DJs: Dubfire, Hot Since 82, Amine Edge & Dance, Ten Walls, Renato Ratier, Leozinho, Aninha, Paul Ricth (live), Sharam Jey, Leo Janeiro, Ale Reis, Paulo Boghosian, Fabo, Davis, Ricardo Albuquerque, Flow & Zeo, Dashdot, Renee Mussi, Ilan, Gromma, Dudu Petrelli, Gui Thomé, Conti vs. Mandy, Soundman Pako, Dake, Alter Disco, Klayton Keppen vs. Biel, Ale Dantas

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