Wed 03.Dec.2014


What a Summer! The Temple made it very hot at the dancefloor. Great DJs and producers made incredible moments at Warung Beach Club, and the crowd went crazy dancing through the night that turned day. And now it’s time to say goodbye to this season – so that we can welcome another one!

A grand finale... Warung chose Art Department to close its Summer! The guys from Canada are well-known among the Temple regulars. Jonny White & Kenny Glasgow have already made history at the club and are coming back to make it all over again.

There is no way of being different, when Art Department are in control, music and frequence are in harmony making every beat a new feeling.

Check it out:
Leozinho opens the Main Floor for Art Department. At the Garden we’ll have the debut of Bob Moses and Frank&Tony. Stekke, project of Ale Reis and Renne Mussi completes the night. 

By Lopes, Gabriela l Ponte Vedra