Sat 12.Oct.2013


Knowledge and music quality, mix and construction of impeccable sets and a incredible sense on the dancefloor. His career can be told as the way he products his sets… With patience, intelligence and consistently. Dixon ain’t a performer, but a DJ who thinks the moment, he is a brain. With his abilities, Dixon can be compared with Zidane, but not with Neymar.

The way he came with very well mixed production of great repertoire at Sonar Kollektiv, the creation of Innervions - label which he keeps the same way it was started, with no music market influences.
A strong visual communication, great releases and artist gave to the label the tradition of releasing all of its products in vinyl, with a no comparable quality of mixing. 

All of this and more made Innervions and Dixon names of respect. Any mix tape or even a simple compilation seems to be elaborated during months.
Dixon produces incredibles edits which uses just for himself, just like Danny Krivit, David Mancuso and Larry Levian used to do. And he makes everything looks like timeless, a challenge for what is proposed by the actual electronic scene. 
Dixon chooses excellence. 
Lately he has been among the 10 best DJs of world, on the respected ranking of Resident Advisor. And now he got to be the number one! A widely deserved first place, which possibly he’ll keep for a while, for being a DJ on his essence!
On december 27, Dixon arrives at the Templo. Dixon at Warung Beach Club, it’s going to be historical!

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By: Alê Reis