Wed 10.Jul.2013


Once upon a time a great DJ who arrived at Warung Beach Club making one of the most memorable nights of the club... We’re talking about Damian Lazarus! Yeah, he is back. Damian returns to the pick ups of Warung on this Friday night when he’s going to make everyone dance until sunrise!

Damian Lazarus has an huge experience as a DJ, producer, a complete musician. His influences include soul, funk and even hard core, an eclectical taste of music made total difference for his formation. Going beyond the mediocre or common sense, Damian is ever ready to embrace new ideas and different perspectives on music and the dancefloor. Once at Warung, the DJ shared the pick ups with Jamie Jones, and it was completely insane! Now he’s back to do it all over again.

Also at the Main Room, Anja Schneider makes her debut at Warung. What can we say about this German woman? She has it all! Anja is DJ, producer and founder of Mobilee Records. Always searching fresh talents, she got an extensive experience on knowing what's “going to blow the dancefloor”. 

At the Garden, two debuts, Subb-An and Bicep. Aninha and Albuquerque are also at the line up of this incredible night. You can’t miss it... well, we won’t!

By Gabriela Lopes / Ponte Vedra Agency