Thu 26.Sep.2013

Magda returns to Warung

A label, a project, three DJs: Items & Things arrives at Warung Beach Club. Created by Magda, Troy Pierce and Marc Houle, Items & Things brings the new, experimental and peculiar music. There is no limit for the sound, and every each gig is a new and fresh moment at the pick ups. The very well-known DJ Magda returns to the club with her two partners and together they are the stars of October 5’s night. Magda is one of the sweethearts of the club’s dancefloor and as the headliner she brings her beautiful sound. Pierce and Houle make their debut at the same night.

At the Garden, the Brazilian producers and DJs of Black Birdz and the Swiss duo Animal Trainer make their own first run at the club. From Zurich, Animal Trainer is formed by Samy Jackson and Adrian Flavor who have a talent to play music that inspires and leads electronic trends, rather than follows them. Danee and Davis complete the line up, one at the Garden and the other at the Main Room.

A lot of expectation, since the tickets are almost sold out!

By: Gabriela Lopes / Ponte Vedra Agency