Sat 09.Nov.2013

A “black belt” at the pick ups

Renato Ratier is one of the kind. While producing and mixing, as a DJ, Ratier is inspiration. His residency at Warung Beach Club is unrivalled to any other, he has a noticeable conection with the Temple and its crowd. The DJ is part of the Brazilian electronic story making its history as well. Playing since 1996, Ratier has an extensive experience at the pick ups.

Now it’s time to release his first album! The name “Black Belt” reminds great fighters who have achieved perfection, and it is really compatible with Renato Ratier sound and production - entirely authorial. Black Belt translates the perfect combination of edge and seriousness, notoriety and maturity, a unique progress where the underground expands its reach.

The release happens at 21 of September when Warung Beach Club will be prepared to know and feel Renato Ratier gig as deep as it takes. Completing the night, from Germany: M.A.N.D.Y, Sascha Funk and Saschienne Live. Also the DJs Mau Mau, Gromma, Conti & Mandy Hafez and Gustavo Pamplona are confirmed.

By: Gabriela Lopes / Ponte Vedra Agency