Tue 08.Jan.2013

Phonique & Renato Ratier

Very well known by the Warung goers, the DJs who return to the temple are always a definite standout. A set of charisma, atmosphere and music make their coming back to the pick ups a touch of heart and soul! And we’re talking about a guy that always comes back, we’re talking about Phonique. When he plays it sounds perfection... The German DJ and producer embodies the spirit of the club. Phonique has been to the templo a few times and were unforgetable. Mixing comercial and concept into his deep house, this and much more happens when Phonique returns – and this is happening on 9 of August.

The residents of the club are another special kind! They feel love and have a unique connexion with Warung’s dancefloor which returns in double. Renator Ratier, beyond resident is also a remarkable DJ and producer. Ratier picked the night in August to release his brand new track “Lucky” which is part of WRG 005 – EP by Warung Recordings label. What can be said? This is great! The DJ assures that is “the face” of the temple, to dance until sunrises.

Fabo, Diogo Accioly, André Torquato and Lennox complete the line up, bringing their music to the Warung Beach Club! Another unmissable night - tickets are running out ... ensure your own!

By: Gabriela Lopes / Ponte Vedra Agency