Sat 07.Sep.2013


He is Irish, but since teenager lives in Berlin, and so Mano Le Tough is very known as an experient German DJ?! Well, let’s put this aside, in his biography Mano tells that his move for Berlin allowed him to have an ecletic youth, to experience and know different sounds. As for his “specialty” at the pick ups, the DJ attacks with cool songs, folkal house and futurist. And what is that? It means that Mano Le Tough plays and makes people dance according to his music and admits “I try to make music that has an emotional resonance without being overly sentimental. It means a lot to me to try and connect with the listener on a deeper level and add something to their lives”.  Mano is the headliner in July’s 27th party, when Aninha and DJ Davis also play at the Main Room.

At the Garden, another great name of emusic, No Regular Play. Greg Paulus and Nick DeBruyn are the duo that comes from Minnesota. Friends since 8 years old, the Djs were deeply influenced by hip hop and jazz, fascinated by rhythm, music and culture. Their great moment emerged in a night with Wolf + Lamb, at that party they started to think about No Regular Play. From the duo, we can expect a set full of instrumental sounds which reflects into a conceptual live. The DJs Adnan and China complete the night at the Garden’s Warung.