Mon 27.Jan.2020

Time for February

Got party?! Returning to our dance floor on February 7th the international names Chris Liebing, Cuartero, D-Nox; also the Brazilians ones Gabe, Fran Bortolossi, Zac and Gusta-vo.

Enthusiast of the solid techno, Chis Liebing (GER) returns to lead in Inside floor. Worldwide known for his evolution as a DJ and always true to his techno roots, Liebing is sure to make a consistent presentation - and as usual will make people dance and praise for his presence.

Christian Wedekind AKA D-Nox (GER) is a frequent figure at Warung. With unusual and innovative sets, D-Nox is absolutely charismatic and brings excellent choices for each and every moment while playing. Always connected to the dance floor D-Nox is acclaimed by our crowd. 

From Spain, Cuartero is back! Since his debut back in 2016, this DJ and producer has brought a lot of fun to our club. Cuartero focuses on his passion for life to make great music which is characterized by his own groovy style.
Note: Sanity, a party by Cuartero, signs the Garden’s line-up. 

Tickets for February 7th are available. See you on the dance floor!

Carnival is coming. Parties will happen on February 22, 23 and 24.
All tickets available.