Thu 01.Oct.2020


Summer continues... Get ready for another great night at our dance floor. Let’s welcome Enrico Sangiuliano, Damian Lazarus and Hosh on January 17th. Brazilian artists completing the line-up: Alex Stein, Boghosian, Tarter and Ro Trombini. 

Talking about Enrico Sangiuliano and the very first time this Italian producer, performer and sound designer will be at the Temple. We’re always very excited to have some new faces ‘round here… Even though Sangilliano is nothing “new” for electronic music. He started back in the 90’s and since then his skills include awarded remixes and recognition by the critics. Known as a perfectionist artist, Sangiuliano brings his passion for music for a highly expected debut on our Summer season! 

Not debutants but always cherished by our crowd, Damian Lazarus and HOSH are both returning with their amazing gigs. Lazarus brings his exponential creativity which he turns into music that wander through various genres. HOSH is an adorable figure both for the dance floor and for the DJs/producers. Seeking for new experiences, he’s now working on projects that give him opportunities to improve his music talent.

We’re glad for this evening!
See you on Friday!

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