Sat 05.Oct.2019

Saturday night with KOLOMBO

On May 18th we’ll be rocking the dance floor with Kolombo! Warung could write a book with all the incredible nights led by this amazing Belgian artist. Kolombo arrives as the headliner of this next Saturday and we’re sure he’ll make it great. He never disappoints and you can wait for a crowded dance floor.

Another guy who makes a comeback is Rick Maia. From Spain to Itajai, Maia returns with his high technical ability which makes him known worldwide… And we know him!

It will be a night of premieres… “Less story, more techno” is what you will read into Julia Govor’s bio, who was born in Russia and now is based in the USA. Deeply inspired by the greatest names of techno, she’ll be bringing her music: techno grooves with dramatic expressions and select layers of sound. We’re very excited for this!

From Romania, Mahony felt in love with electronic music in his teenage years. This passion got bigger making him a excellent producer who mixes different sounds since he’s an artist with a lot of influences - including hip hop and rap. Mahony builds an eclectic gig and we’re sure his debut will be surprising.

“Brothers duo - underground house music lovers”. Anhauser arrives for the first time in Warung’s dance floor. Nicolas and Agustin are DJs and producers from Argentina. Their main influences are Depeche Mode, Frankie Knuckles, Kraftwerk… And we’re good with that!

Albuquerque and Fran Bortolossi complete the night.
Tickets available. See you on Saturday!