Tue 02.Apr.2019

On February: we dance

After a intense January, we’ll enjoy the second month of the year with only one party that goes on February 15th. A night that brings back the absolute Lee Burridge, the revolutionary Matador and the Brazilians who are reference worldwide Renato Ratier and Victor Ruiz. Alongside these great names we’ll welcome Wilian Kraupp, Tarter, Phil Mill and Barbara Boing.

Lee Burridge is a powerful name! When it comes to electronic music he’s uninamous, a truly enthusiast with more than three decades acting as DJ, producer. Burridge’ story walks along with the story of the electronic music and that’s why he’s responsible for incredible moments into Warung’s path! He always have fun in our club and his coming back is an honour.

Six years ago Matador debuted on our dance floor when he made a warm up for Richei Hawtin – who  inclusive is the one who lapunched Matador to the world with his record label! Nowadays Gavin Lynch AKA Matador has his own label and is considered a revolutionary artist. Multi-talented Matador brings his impeccable reputation back to us.

No doubt it will be a incredible party. That’s it for February! 
Next month Warung presents 2019 Carnival with two dates: March 02nd & 04th.