Mon 29.Oct.2018

Sixteen years of clubbing

November is the most anticipated month into our agenda. The month which celebrate our greatest achievement: Warung Beach Club openning. From that November of 2002 untill now, this ongoing journey of passion for music has brought us here. Sixteen years later, the dream is still true. Let’s celebrate it, let’s live the dream, you are part of this!

We’re glad to know that Warung was born ahead of its time and that’s been capable to keep innovating without abandoning its roots. Warung’ story has been written with a truly dedication to its essence. For over 16 years every night that turned indo day, each line-up with debuts or comebacks were thought to build a legacy, to attract loyal public, to arouse passion for whats has brought us here: electronic music. 

We will commemoret Warung Beach Club 16th Anniversary with what we do best PARTY!!! Two nights of celebration: Part I will go on November 3rd; Part II will go on November 17th. 

Now is the time you get ready! 


For November 3rd, Warung brings the Belgian DJ Amelie Lens for the very first time alongside Joseph Capriati and The Martinez Brothers who obviously will return to make history again. Brazilian beloved ones Albuquerque, Eli Iwasa, Gabe and Leozinho will lead the dance floor as well.

Two weeks later, on November 17th the Temple will welcome some well-known names! The amazing line-up brings Âme – represented by Kristian Beyer, Dubfire, Joris Voorn, Mar-T & Cuartero, Blancah, Conti&Mandi, Leo Janeiro and Renato Ratier. 


You’re invited to live this with us. 

Let’s celebrate Warung 16 Years together!


Tickets and passports available.