Wed 01.Aug.2018

Keep clubbing into Summer nights

A lot to come yet in January! 2018 started and Warung Beach Club is clubbing hard – as usual. We’re glad to welcome back some great guys on our next nights but most of all some news names are coming to anticipated debuts.

On January 13th BPM presents Ya'ah Muul. It’s a huge honor to set a party like this which brings Marco Carola, Lauren Lane, Chaim and Nathan Barato. The only debutant on this list is Chaim who were in Warung’s  line-up for The BPM Portugal. 

January 20th will be a night of “first times” and we’re happy to welcome Rhadoo, Move D. and Vlada  for their first run at our dance floor. Sure to be a great moment! 


At last but not least... on the January 27th Warung witness the return of Laurent Garnier! Yes, after a long waiting this legend will be at our DJ booth for a unmissable night. Rodriguez Jr. Will be back as well. 

Guess we have no complaints! Meet you at the dance floor. 
Check below the complete line-ups for each night and remember that tickets are available on

January 13th - Marco Carola + Lauren Lane + Chaim + Nathan Barato + Brett Leve + Conti&Leozinho + Albuquerque
January 20th – Rhadoo + Move D. +  Vlada + Goptun DJs + Nascii + Tyv + Phil Mill + Wesley Razzy
January 27th - Laurent Garnier +  Rodriguez Jr. + Leozinho + Leo Janeiro + Boghosian + Nezello

On February Warung Beach Club presents its Carnival with three great nights that will go on the 10th, 11th and 12th.