Sat 17.Jun.2017

Warung tours through Europe

While we wait for the next party at the Temple, some of our crew are in Europe touring through some great clubs taking the name, vibe and music of Warung Beach Club overseas!

Munich, Barcelona and Hamburg are the cities that have already been taken by Warung into this season, now is time to get to Berlim, London, Crete and Ibiza. The parties go from June 23rd to June 29th. In Europe, some Brazilians represent Warung at the pick ups, they are: Renato Ratier, Aninha, Eli Iwasa, Leo Janeiro, Conti, Albuquerque and Gabe.

It is important to say that on June 23rd Warung will be at Watergate Club in Berlin, where a huge party will celebrate the 15th anniversary of Watergate and Warung as well. On this date Watergate presents Tiefschwarz, La Fleur  and Marco Resmann who will play alongside the Brazilians artists. On July 8th, this celebration repeats in Brazil, when the Temple welcomes Watergate!

by Gabriela Lopes l PVAG

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