Mon 03.Jul.2017

Closing Summer Warung brings Paul Ritch, The Drifter, Andre Buljat

We are not good with goodbyes, so, as the Summer is coming to an end we decided to celebrate it and the Closing Summer Warung’s party is a tradition. On March 18th veterans Paul Ritch, The Drifter and Andre Buljat (Fact) are the headliners of the party. 


From Paris, Ritch is worlwide known for his powerful and harmonic productions which create a unique sound of techno. The Drifter is a guy from Ireland living in Berlin who is DJ, producer and singer – what more could yous ask for? Another important name of this night, Andre Buljat (FACT) is from Germany but is based in Barcelona. A man who travels through the world and music, always working in new releases and obsessed with music. From the pick ups? House and techno which make people feel and dance. 


The Brazilian DJs Eli Iwasa, Mandi e Tarte will complete the agenda. Let’s say goodbye to Summertime together on the dance floor. 


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Tickets available!